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Title Votes Comments
Required IceLink - 3.0 PCL sample project. (Troomobile) 1 vote 1 comment
Add zIndex to LayoutFrame 1 vote 0 comments
Add Support for iOS Dynamic Libraries 1 vote 0 comments
Wrapper for WebAPI MediaDevices 0 votes 0 comments
Flutter support 0 votes 1 comment
Add support for Android x86_64 devices 1 vote 3 comments
Remove the Custom Bouncy Castle Dependency 0 votes 1 comment
Support for Capturing Screen Rectangle for Cocoa 0 votes 0 comments
Extensionless Screen Capture Support via `getDisplayMedia()` 2 votes 2 comments
Implement ICE Restarts 2 votes 0 comments
Add VideoToolbox support to Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.macOS 1 vote 0 comments
Imageutility support to convert video buffer to bitmap for Xam iOS 0 votes 1 comment
Full .NET Core support 4 votes 3 comments
Introduce the Ability to Choose Preferred Network Type for Connections 1 vote 1 comment
Make Java JAR files compatible with Java 9+ module system 0 votes 3 comments
Get all users connected with server using icelink 0 votes 1 comment
FM.IceLink.SIP 0 votes 0 comments
Screen Share With Cursor.... 1 vote 0 comments
Slack Group 2 votes 0 comments
IceLink plugin to support screen sharing in Safari 11 0 votes 1 comment
Implement SCTP congestion control to facilitate faster file transfer for Reliable Data Channels in IceLink 10 votes 10 comments
Can icelink take a snapshot piceture? 0 votes 1 comment
Video Manipulation like using Open CV 0 votes 1 comment
Screen Share with Mic Audio 0 votes 1 comment
UWP Support for Icelink 3 11 votes 11 comments
Xamarin Forms PCL support 3 votes 3 comments
Can I record a local video offline using Ice Link *3*? 1 vote 8 comments
Add sample for raspberry pi? 1 vote 0 comments
Any sample IceLink display stream from kurentoin .Net? 0 votes 0 comments
Can I record a local video offline? 0 votes 1 comment