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Title Votes Comments
Caption Generation 0 votes 0 comments
Is there a way to select specific iPhone cameras? 0 votes 1 comment
Add Support for a OnApplicationMethod/SendApplicationMessage 1 vote 1 comment
Add support for storing LiveSwitch configuration in a MySQL database 0 votes 0 comments
Add Support for embedding LiveSwitch SDK into CocoaPods 1 vote 0 comments
Create Separate Packages for Server and SDK files 0 votes 0 comments
Running LiveSwitch on iOS apps on Mac via Mac Catalyst 0 votes 0 comments
Adding a Public Method to Access _internal Media Streams for Local and Remote Media 0 votes 0 comments
Ability to Toggle Channel Recording for Audio and/or Video 1 vote 0 comments
Add support for including the SDP in SIP Invites 0 votes 0 comments
Add GetAudioSinkOutputs implementation for all platforms 1 vote 0 comments
Determining if a Remote Upstream Failed or was Intentionally Closed 0 votes 0 comments
H.323 Integration 1 vote 1 comment
Ability to Artificially Fail a Connection 0 votes 0 comments
Customizable MCU Layouts 8 votes 7 comments
Extensionless Screen Capture Support via `getDisplayMedia()` 1 vote 0 comments
Automatically rotate logs when they reach a certain threshold 0 votes 1 comment
Full .NET Core support 4 votes 0 comments
Matroska Stream Source 2 votes 0 comments
Configurable Cap for Concurrent Usage 0 votes 0 comments
Add Support for SDP Bitrate Renegotiation 0 votes 0 comments
Implement SVC or simulcast for SFU 0 votes 0 comments
Extend the Pipes/Sinks Feature to Handle Server Messages 0 votes 1 comment
Server Messages 1 vote 3 comments