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Known Issue - On iOS 15.1 Safari Using H.264 Can Cause a Crash

Sundeep Madhas


LiveSwitch 1.14.1 re-introduced support for H.264 video streaming on Safari version 15 or newer. However, iOS Safari 15.1 introduced a bug. Using H.264 encoding on iOS 15.1 Safari for a call can cause a crash. 


Currently, we will be working around this issue with a client SDK update in LiveSwitch 1.14.2, which will ship ASAP. We will be removing H.264 for all Safari clients. 

Updating Safari clients to LiveSwitch 1.14.1 is not recommended.


When Safari releases a bug fix, we will re-enable H.264 in a future release. 


Work Around (edited Dec. 14, 2022)

We have released LiveSwitch 1.14.2, which will allow iOS 15.1 Safari to work as expected (without H.264.  LiveSwitch 1.14.2 is available for download and further information can be found in our release notes

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