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Known Issue with LiveSwitch 1.9.0 MCU Connections and Stream Directionality (Fixed in 1.9.1)

Adam Patterson

For MCU connections only, AudioStreams and VideoStreams which start in Receive Only mode, will not send audio/video when renegotiated to Send/Receive mode.

For example ...

audioStream.LocalDirection = FM.LiveSwitch.StreamDirection.ReceiveOnly;


var config = _McuConnection.Config;
config.AudioDirection = "sendrecv";

... will not result in audio being sent and received on the stream.

There is a work around, which is to use the stream's setMuted method instead of setLocalDirection. The team is aware of this issue and we will be releasing a patch imminently.

Please note that this does not affect SFU or P2P connections.

Update - July 22, 2020

The LiveSwitch 1.9.1 release is out and provides a fix for this issue. Release notes are available here, and you can download the latest here.

The relevant release note is:

> Fixed a bug where MCU media might not activate after initializing a receive-only MCU connection and changing the direction to send-receive (LS-5172);

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