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    James Baxter

    With the new licensing, Will the application stop working when the license key expires?  I feel like the licensing prior to now was perpetual with updates being based on the validity of your subscription, is this the same way, and the token will validate with versions released before a given date, or will I need to maintain the subscription in perpetuity or the functionality stops working?

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    Anton Venema (Edited )

     There are two types of keys for IceLink 3:

    1. Trial license keys work for a pre-set amount of time. They validate against the system's clock and will stop working sometime in the future.

    2. Purchased license keys work in perpetuity. They validate against the build/release date of the libraries, and so they never stop working, even if you don't maintain your subscription.

    The temporary key posted on the Downloads page is a trial license key that expires December 31, 2016. You can obtain your purchased license key in a couple weeks when we release our new website, which includes a new area for you to manage your products and keys.

    Check out "Types of Keys" here for more info:

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    James Baxter

    Perfect.  Thanks for the clarification Anton.  You guys make great stuff, and we're excited to get our product migrated over the v3.

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    Shaun Murphy

    I'm looking to purchase the license prior to the end of the year - is the existing license purchase page for the 3.X release?

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    Anton Venema

    Yes. Your support subscription includes access to all past versions of IceLink (both v2 and v3), as well as future updates (both v2 and v3) until the subscription expires.

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