August Product Release (x.3.4)




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    Anton Venema

    Opera has removed support for getUserMedia from their current release (Opera 15), so unfortunately Opera will fall back to the Java applet until they re-add it. Here is a link for more information:

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    Tanmay Mukherjee

    Hello Anton,

    Very nice. I am glad that you introduced important issues in this release. I am very happy to see the WPF example also and believe me, i laughed on myself , as i did the same but was using image uielement to render the video on the form. You used Canvas and thats wonderful. Your team is having good presence.


    Now, only one more request, when there is any example for Windows 8 video conference. 


    Also, when can we talk in detail for the sales channel and requirement ? I am back in India and will be back in Frankfurt on 25th. 


    Best regards my friend. :)

    Your Indo-German friend Tanmay

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    Anton Venema

    We haven't had the opportunity to develop out the camera/microphone hardware access and VP8 codec on the Windows 8 platform. Right now, we are busy implementing DTLS-SRTP so Firefox can talk natively to .NET/iOS/Android/etc. Once that is done, we'll turn our focus towards Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

    Shoot an email to regarding the sales channel. They're expecting to hear from you.

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